Event Management


Event Production

Live events can be truly inspirational. The best of them engage and excite all five senses and leave guests energized and delighted.

Branding and Design

Modern digital technology can be the difference between a “so-so” event and one that moves hearts and changes minds. We will include  your mission, vision, core values, company voice, logo, typography, and principles

Advertising and Marketing

These days there’s a digital solution for almost every event headache – from planning, through execution, to the post-experience debriefing. Digital solutions can be as exciting as they are useful, but knowing what’s out there and getting to grips with what you need can be a minefield.

Social Media Marketing

We combine technical nous with physical event know-how to streamline event management and deliver a more immersive, interactive experience. Inovent will Choose the Right Platforms, Encourage Engagement, Address Problems Quickly, Build a Community and Provide Value to your brand.

Media Production

The Inovent team can work with you to identify the best way to communicate your message, using your venue to its best advantage, and deliver the solution in spectacular style.

About Us

About Us

Inovent Event Management Company is a leading Bahraini company in organizing exhibition and specializing events. It was established in 2014, and since then the company has grown and gained extensive experience in providing focused seminars, training workshops, and organizing various events, not only in Bahrain, but in some other GCC and MENA regions’ countries.


Dedicated to high professionalism and innovation, the company offered management of unique social development programs, covering vital aspects; namely, in areas of institutional and community development such as employment, rehabilitation, entrepreneurship, humanitarian work and empowering people with disabilities.



Developing and managing high standards events locally, regionally and Internationally.

Optimizing operational cost.

Developing human capital.

Maximizing the use of assets.

Increasing revenue generation.

offering customer-centric service to all stakeholders.


You are at the heart of everything we do

We believe in elevating the standards of events, by ensuring superior quality, professionalism, audience engagement, and excellence promotion. As events architects, we are guided by our continual commitment to achieve client goals and objectives.


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Inovent Event Management Company is a leading Bahraini company in organizing exhibition and specializing events.

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Address: 58A, Road 57, Block 225, Muharraq, Bahrain



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