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Inovent has organized many events, conferences, exhibitions, training and workshops that had remarkable and enjoyable interactions among the participants and that attracted and impressed both local and international attendees.

Insani Tech Conference-مؤتمر إنساني تك

Tech No Disability-مؤتمر تكنو لا إعاقة

Al Nukhba Youth Empowerment Program-برنامج النخبة لتأهيل و توظيف الكوادر

Entrepreneur Tech Program-برنامج رائد الأعمال التقني

Leading Charity Innovation Workshop-ورشة قيادة الإبداع في العمل الخيري

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Our Photographer is top-notch.

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Inovent Event Management Company is a leading Bahraini company in organizing exhibition and specializing events.

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Address: 58A, Road 57, Block 225, Muharraq, Bahrain



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